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JOIN EnsO Earth at GBCSA 2021 Convention to hear Denise Mall present on Innovating Water Security for African Communities. She will be on Stage ONE, on the 3rd November 2021.


Come chat to us in the Pareto Climate Change Village where we will be exhibiting along with some of our Collaborators.

2021 GBCSA


One Planet. One Chance.

ONE is a call to action, to stand up and take responsibility as an individual. To unite as ONE in our mission to effect meaningful change and to save the world for future generations.


Our annual green building conventions provide a wealth of exposure to leading local and international thoughts and ideas. Information and knowledge sharing is one of the best ways to progress your sustainability journey – whether it is well-established or only just beginning.


The 2021 convention offers a hybrid of attendance options for both speakers and delegates, which provide attendees with the opportunity to either attend Convention in-person in Cape Town or virtually.

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Going to Zero

Join us at the Race to Zero for an interactive learning experience.
The effects of Climate Change will be the most significant event of our lifetime. The world is changing and now more than ever we need to be aware of how our actions affect our environment.
But it is also a complex topic with so many theories, facts and figures that it can be overwhelming and tedious, leaving us feeling powerless and confused how to make the necessary changes.

The Race to Zero: Climate Change Challenge is an interactive virtual event which will take members on a journey around the world explaining the key factors, showcasing the amazing initiatives that are currently being undertaken by governments and cities in their efforts to minimize their Carbon Emissions for a more sustainable future.

Register now for yourselves as an individual or as a team!

Our Collaborators

No ONE is an island when it comes to the future of OUR planet. 


The Climate Reality will need everyone to participate to ensure OUR future on the planet. 

EnsO Earth have been blessed with a group of like-minded organisations pulling together who are joining us this year at our exhibitors table at the Pareto Climate Change Village. 

We will continue to strive to bring people together with the shared vision to ensure the future for OUR children and grandchildren.

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Innovating Water Security for African Communities



Net+ Water is when the water recycled is greater than the water consumed


produces more energy from renewable energy sources than it imports from external sources.


a world where species and ecosystems are being restored and regenerated


reduces, reuses, and recovers its waste streams to convert them to valuable resources. 


creates an environmental benefit by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. 

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