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for Our Future

EnsO Earth is a life-focused organisation that integrates the genius of nature to solve human development challenges, to go beyond sustainable towards regenerative living.

About Us

About Us

The world is facing an ecological crisis that requires new solutions. We are committed to a non-profit mission to address these challenges through the application of regenerative design principles. We learn from nature to re-imagine, re-think, and re-design the future of our world. 


EnsO Earth is led by experienced business, engineering, and project managers. 


Moving into a new chapter, we have unified our for-profit and non-profit businesses under the EnsO Earth brand.





The mission of the non-profit is to raise the funding for projects, case studies, and educational events that will drive the goals and objectives of regenerative ecological design forward.

Our Foundation is an approved Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) for community development relating to environmental awareness, greening, and sustainability programs.

OUR Values