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the Context

African Leadership Academy (ALA) students Jesse Forrester and Wuntia Gomda were awarded US$100 000 as winners of the Zayed Sustainability Prize for Global High Schools, Sub-Saharan Africa on January 14, 2019 in Abu Dhabi.


Isidima Design & Development, in collaboration with the EnsO Earth Foundation, were appointed to provide the engineering and technical skills required to design and implement the project.

the Objective

The system diverts 1000 litres of greywater per day, from the campus kitchen / dining room facility through the Living Machine. 
Taking the greywater through a series of biological treatment processes, the water is treated without harmful chemicals, to reclaim the water for irrigation purposes.

the Outcome

This system functions without energy (except sunlight), chemicals or any mechanical parts, and requires minimal annual maintenance.

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