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Hydrus Climate Smart Water stocks a range of the best Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) Technologies in the market, holding a range of 20 - 20 000 litre units that are perfect for your home, office of commercial business.


Our machines are state of the art and extract water directly from the air around us, to create the purest drinking water imaginable.


Each droplet of water extracted from the air is passed through the machine’s onboard 7 stage filtration process, meaning that the water that is collected is guaranteed to be in its purest form and tasting incredible.


Our team are experts in their field and can easily guide you on the best machine for you


With our unique technology to suit homes and offices, this Atmospheric Water Generator produces up to 20 Litres of clean water per day under ideal conditions.


With the benefit of a 7-stage filtration process which includes UV treatment and mineralization, you can obtain the purest drinking water.


This beautiful machine has a state of the art touch screen display and provides on demand water at the desired temperature.The water in this machine will recycle from the tank to the filter every 3 hours to guarantee safe drinking water


Due to OEM constant improvement policy, specifications are subject to change without notice E&OE

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