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EnsO Earth represents Reddrok Innovation's drive to implement innovative renewable and decarbonizing technology brands into SA, UK, USA & Australasia. Sales proceeds support the non-profit's operations.


Reddrok Innovations primary objective is to provide clients with end-to-end water security and renewable energy solutions to address climate change challenges.

Incorporated as a new-generation net-water positive technology company with offices in Atlanta (Georgia), South Africa and Basingstoke (London).


Red Konnect Business is the holding Company of Reddrok.

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Water Solutions

Water Security Professionals specializing in the Importation of Atmospheric Water Generators & Suppliers of  water purification systems.

Solar Water Heaters

The world's first flat
packable solar collector, which can turn sunlight into hot water, saving money and lower carbon emissions.

Lighting Solutions

Providing instant light and power anytime, anywhere.
Powered with the pull of a cord, nowlight works independently of the weather.

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Country Style Home

+Smart Water

With global water sources affected by pollution and a lack of sustainable rainfall in
drier regions, we sit with a scarcity of freshwater resources and a global water crisis that needs our attention.


With an abundance of humidity in the air that we breathe we have a rich water source; making Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) a viable, self-sufficient solution for businesses and homes alike.


Simply put AWG’s extract humidity from the air around us and converts it into the freshest, cleanest, healthiest drinking water out there.


  • The water produced  comes from the humidity in the air rather than contaminated surface water that needs to be purified.

  • The filtration system is extremely effective in killing bacteria and water born viruses.

  • No chlorine, chemicals or toxins are used.

  • Higher quality water leads to higher hydration levels. 


  • Does not deplete diminishing ground water reserves.

  • Will not be negatively impacted by climate change.

  • Water becomes cost effective.

  • There are 12 quadrillion litres of water in the atmosphere at any
    given time to make use of.


  • Atmospheric moisture is used to create water; making it a sustainable solution amidst a growing water crisis.

  • Water is made on-site removing the need to be transported thereby reducing its carbon footprint.

  • No waste products created.

  • Chemical free / ozone friendly.

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ensOearth +stores will be launching soon to support consumers on their journey towards becoming more earth conscious