$1000 Build the Future


why do we need help?

At the heart of the Agri-Eco Estate is the College focused on Regenerative Solutions, which seeks to design socio-cultural systems which are aligned and harmonious with ecological systems.

The Agri-Eco Estate will demonstrate the practical outcomes of a completely de-centralised urban community, while exploring what the future of urban farming can look like.

how does this help us?

Together, we will explore how transdiscplinary, collaborative teams can solve complex problems, and how using approaches from nature to shape all of our relationships might help us to create healthy, durable, resilient, just, and prosperous communities.

The College will also offer online education and short courses to external learners wanting to further their education.

what can you do?

Help us by donating and sharing this post with all your loved ones, so that together we can change the outcome.

This is a $1000 (ZAR 15000) donation campaign, to fund projects with direct public and community upliftment benefits for effective water management.

Should you wish to donate more, please contact us to learn about the tax benefit of donating to a Public Benefit Organisation.