$100  Design the Future


why do we need help?

In South Africa, it is predicted that water demand will outstrip supply by 2050 with 65% of the population living in cities.

We insure our cars, homes and all our personal possessions. We even assure our lives in the event of a disaster.  Is it not time to ensure the future for your children and great grandchildren? What will our future look like when we must ration water as well?

how does this help us?

To build design capacity, we want to establish a non-profit Design Hub that offers a 3-year Regenerative Design internship. The outcome for designers, with a passion to change our future, is skills development and practical design experience, while working on real projects.

The intention of the Design Hub is to find a new way to execute projects, that supports this vision, while doing good.

what can you do?

Help us by donating and sharing this post with all your loved ones, so that together we can change the outcome.

This is a $100 (ZAR 1500) donation campaign, to fund projects with direct public and community upliftment benefits for effective water management.

Should you wish to donate more, please contact us to learn about the tax benefit of donating to a Public Benefit Organisation.