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+Living Legacy



We have compiled this special JaJa Binksy designer collection in memory of Nikki's contribution to life.

All proceeds go towards the EnsO Earth Foundation NPC, who are working to ensure Nikki's Legacy for future generations.


+Thank you

We would like to THANK everyone who has donated to ensuring Nikki's Legacy.


In memory of Nikki...


This journey started as Studiomall Designs, when your father passed away, so that I would have the most flexibility to be mommy and daddy... It was my other baby that grew and evolved with you over the years, becoming Synura Projects and now EnsO Earth.

You often viewed it as a rival sibling, but it was merely there to serve all our needs, and it served us well… it was always intended to be my legacy to you, beyond this lifetime...

You made me so proud… I am so blessed with you... you are a beautiful soul, so loved. Your work was of the highest standard... 

You were doing mega-projects before you turned 21… Jwaneng Pipelines, Gouda Wind Farm, Steyn City, Saldanha LPG, Cradock Ethanol Plant, Khoemacau Copper Mine, with many smaller ones in between, and then finally the Legaro Living Building.

The foundation’s mission was to ensure the future for you and the next generations, so that you could live out your life on a healthy thriving planet, free of all the climate reality implications.


We will now continue the work in memory of you my child... 


Denise Mall (nee Engelbrecht)

Founder of EnsO Earth




  • Jwaneng Slurry Pipelines

  • Steyn City

  • Cradock Ethanol Plant

  • Gouda Wind Farm

  • Saldahna LPG AFC

  • Saldahna LPG FEED

  • Khoemacau Copper Mine

  • Legaro Living Building