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EnsO Earth +HUB ~ designing OUR +Future

The Enso represents many things, such as the source of all creation, the balance of yin and yang and the evanescence of earthly life.

Almost everything in life is an endless cycle. A new era brings about a period of chaos and rebuilding in which everything is turned upside down. The rising sun brings us hope for a new day after darkness.

At EnsO Earth is it all about the positive (+) effect of circularity. In 2020 we unified our #forprofit and #nonprofit businesses under the EnsO Earth brand. We then stepped back to relook at how we design OUR world and what needs to #change in order to ensure OUR future for the next generations.

So it is no surprise that the 1st March 2023 will see a new beginning for us at EnsO Earth when we formally #launch the EnsO Earth +HUB.

We are nature. We are the Earth.

The EnsO Earth +HUB is a profit for purpose company where the majority shareholder is the nonprofit. This will allow us to actively engage in doing projects and promoting products that drive +impact forward. This is a collaborative space where +Projects, +Products and +People promote positivity (+) to create a #regenerative ecological future.

if we cannot make a difference in the next 50 years, we have failed as a species.

With access to clean water, and responsible consumption, we can help break the cycle of poverty and enable sustainable communities.

​The key objectives of the EnsO Earth + HUB are as follows :

Increase Design Capacity & Skills

#Education and Technical Training in Regenerative +Design #Solutions is fundamental in building design capacity and skill development to undertake future projects

Circular Design Solutions

The natural systems that sustain life on Earth are circular and regenerative. The need to reduce our strain on water, energy and material resources is growing globally. We need to find new solutions.

Increase Case Studies

Regenerative +Design Solutions applied at a systems level can lead to the #innovation required to address the world’s human development challenges.

EnsO Earth operates from a base of 30+ years of successfully executed #projects across various disciplines. Technically strong, we leverage our #industrial, #commercial and #residential design experience in the Civil Engineering industry to create a new way to design and build projects.

Our team of experienced business, #engineering and project management #professionals are always ready to help you achieve your #sustainability goals. We will not only be focusing on +Water, but also +Waste, +Nature, +Energy and +Climate.

together we can make a difference

Founder of EnsO Earth


HELP us create a "Living Legacy" that will ensure OUR future for the next generations...

Payfast approved nonprofit payment portal to #Donate

or #Sponsor one of OUR #initiatives


Partnerships :

EnsO Earth represents Reddrok Innovation's drive to implement innovative renewable and decarbonizing technology brands into SA, UK, USA & Australasia. Sales proceeds support the non-profit's operations.


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