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for Our Future

From a base of 30+ years of successfully executed projects, we are now entering an exciting new chapter of regenerative design solutions, focusing on doing good for humanity and our living planet. 

Our Living Future

EnsO Earth Projects is a virtual projects company that offers nature based design solutions to global clients.

The company exists too serve the non profit and drive projects forward that will ensure our future with clean air, water and food.


Net Positive Water is at the heart of the organisation, as it is a holistic water management solution that will enable us to embrace water security for our future.


We design infrastructure as an integrated system focusing on 5 R's to ensure water security… to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Restore and Recharge water.


Nature Based

We offer Education and Technical Training in Net Positive Water and Regenerative Design Solutions  in order to build design capacity in the industry to undertake the projects required to create a regenerative future.


Technically strong, with more than three decades of design experience in the Civil Engineering industry we have undertaken projects within the Mining, Industrial, Commercial and Residential sectors, as a specialized sub-consultant to major companies.


EnsO Earth Projects operates from a base of 30+ years of successfully executed projects. We combine our business, project, and technical experience to create a new way to manage and design the world that we live in.


The intention of the Design Hub is to offer a virtual design service to global collaborating partners that will allow for skills development and training while working on real projects that are regenerative and socially uplifting.


the 5 R's

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educe - potable water

euse - grey water

ecycle - waste water

estore - surface water

echarge - groundwater

the Living Machine

Biologists have proven that natural water purification systems are viable in different settings, at all latitudes, from domestic and industrial wastewater treatment to the remediation of highly contaminated aquatic environments.

the Living Building

By de-centralizing the system from the municipal grid, only allowing for emergency backup connection, we were able to build resilience into the building that would allow for self-sufficiency and a reduction in the loading of the existing municipal system.