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the Context

Legaro Property Developers are keen supporters of the Green Building movement. Having been awarded 6* Green Building certification for 78 Corlett Drive, they were looking to explore new boundaries. This building sets to achieve the following criteria :


  • Highest Possible Rated Green Star Building in SA

  • Net Zero Ratings for all 4 Categories: Waste, Energy, Water, Land-use and Ecology

  • Certified Living Building Challenge Project


Isidima Design & Development, in collaboration with the EnsO Earth Foundation, are appointed to provide the engineering and technical skills required to design and implement the project.

the Objective

The fundamental design criteria that set Net Positive Water apart are  :

  • The water balance needs to mimic natural hydrological conditions

  • One hundred percent of the project’s water needs must be supplied on site

  • Water supply for the building, including recycled water, must be treated appropriately for its intended use without the use of harmful chemicals. 

  • All greywater and blackwater must be treated and managed on-site. 

  • Stormwater infiltration is based on the 10-year storm  

the Outcome

By de-centralizing the system from the municipal grid, only allowing for emergency backup connection, we are able to build resilience into the building that would allow for self-sufficiency and a reduction in the loading of the existing municipal system.

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