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+Water Schools


What if we could use your taxes to create thriving  communities.


EnsO Earth Foundation NPC is a registered Non-profit Company (NPC) that has been approved by SARS as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) for community development

We invite schools in South Africa to complete the entry form below to be considered for selection. 

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+Water Impact

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As the global demand for water keeps pushing on the limited resources available, we need to become more innovative with water usage. Diversification of water supply by rationalising the water demand as fit for purpose, we treat wastewater as a valuable resource, recycling the nutrient rich wastewater to grow food.

A +Water site needs to meet all its water requirements within the footprint of the site without the use of harmful chemicals, and incorporates potable water harvesting, stormwater, and wastewater management. 

We are partnering with our Patron partners to bring clean water and food to South African schools. The mission is to ensure that every child has daily access to pure and safe mineral water, while upcycling their wastewater to grow food for their community.



We provide an easy and effective opportunity for you to use your CSI funding, Skills Development levies, and ESG scorecard to make a real positive social impact.

Apply below to be considered as our Diamond Patron for the +Water Schools Initiative.

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+Water Schools

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