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EnsO Earth on the ONE STAGE at the 2021 Green Building Convention - Cape Town

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Denise Mall, our Managing Director, will be presenting at the convention being held in Cape Town from 2-4th November 2021. She will be talking about INNOVATING WATER SECURITY FOR AFRICAN COMMUNITIES

This is a subject close to her heart as WATER is the promise of LIFE, and the very heart beat of the EnsO Earth's vision to Ensure OUR Future for Generations to come.

In 2019 she made her debut at the Convention presenting on Net Positive Water for the Living Building Challenge. She will be back to talk about pushing this design principle to the next level, to create the Living Community Challenge. She explores the latest technologies that allow us to create regenerative, de-centralized communities, which is exactly what economic water scare Africa needs.

Click on the link below to watch a brief video about what Net Positive Water means.

compiled by :- Jade - Chief Communications Officer - EnsO Earth

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