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Show me the MONEY... $2.3 trillion donated in 2021

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

According to it would cost $200 billion a year over five years to fix the global water crisis... that is effectively $1 trillion, for those battling with the maths...

The global value of philanthropy (i.e., donated time and money) is about $2.3 trillion per year, or just under 3% of global GDP *... double what would be required over 5 years...

So who has the money... what did we achieve with all that opportunity...

This is a list of wealthiest charitable foundations worldwide. It consists of the 45 largest charitable foundations, private foundations engaged in philanthropy, and other charitable organizations such as charitable trusts that have disclosed their assets. In many countries, asset disclosure is not legally required or made public. Only nonprofit foundations are included in this list. Organizations that are part of a larger company are excluded, such as holding companies.

There is not a single organisation on that list that does not have multiple $bn in their funds.

Giving USA 2022: The Annual Report on Philanthropy for the Year 2021, reports that individuals, bequests, foundations and corporations gave an estimated $484.85 billion to U.S. charities in 2021. Well done Americans, from data compiled over ten years, the United States emerged as the most charitable country, with a score of 58%.

South Africa now ranks 21 in World Giving Index 2021... companies spent an estimated R10.3 billion ( sadly that is not even $1 billion) on corporate social investment (CSI) in the 2021 financial year... * it is a far cry off the US's half a trillion.

So this is not rocket science people... $200 bn x 5 years to help 2.4 billion people... that is in essence $400 per person in need... or if every person on the planet donated $125, we could actually fix the water crisis.

This begs the question WHY do we have a water crisis

As a non-profit focused on Net+ Water, we would love to help you spend your tax deductible CSI funding on real water projects that have positive social impact.

According to South Africa's 2018 human settlement department’s estimate, to build an RDP house will cost R116 000 for 50 sqm, less that $10k to create this networked solution... surely we can do better than this with a decentralised solution, especially if we are adding the cost of the municipal infrastructure to the budget.

Could off-grid Tinyhomes be the housing solution that economic water scare Africa needs?

Economic water scarcity is due to a lack of water infrastructure in general or to the poor management of water resources where infrastructure is in place. It is estimated that more than 1.6 billion people face economic water scarcity, that is more than half of the 2.4 billion people needing our help.

Imagine communities harvesting potable water in their homes, now in charge of their own water security, using low flushing toilets for dignified sanitation, and their wastewater is being upcycled to grow food... young girls can attend school instead of harvesting water for their communities.

EnsO Earth could most definitely do all of that for less that $20k per household (and that includes the tiny home)

Help us create a positive(+) future for all.

Show us the MONEY!

reach out to us by donating $125 HERE if you do want to make a real difference to solve Africa's economic water scarcity.


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