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with MASE Power

By embracing digitization and automation, industries can optimize power consumption in their facilities and reduce their carbon footprint. EnsO Earth have partnered with MASE Power to generate +Energy for OUR future. 






MASE Power

MASE Power is a global player in the large power electric business, providing engineered solution to Oil + Gas, Water/Wastewater, Metal, Mining and Power Generation sectors.


With more than 20 years experience in Power Control, MASE Power will provide the best  solution at a competitive price. 

MASE Power provides solutions to companies in Europe, Middle East and Africa. 

Diamond Patron




significantly increased the efficiency of electricity consumption and the proportion of green power usage by integrating high-efficiency motor drive systems with

  • heat recovery

  • green power

  • energy storage systems

  • digital bifurcation

  • operations optimization solutions.

Power Plant

dedicated to helping power plants enhance operating efficiency, cutting pollution, lowering operating cost, and raising profit margin in the following

  • boiler water pump motors

  • cooling water pump motors

  • blast blower motor

  • main blower

  • suction ventilation


modularized micro-grid solution for rapid installation, integrating PV power system, energy storage system, and energy management system, to meet customer applications for 

  • frequency regulation

  • renewable energy smoothing

  • energy arbitrage

  • micro-grid energy management

Solar Power & Energy Storage

Turnkey solution includes :

  • system design during the initial planning stage

  • power conversion system (PCS)

  • battery energy storage system (BESS)

  • control system, and energy management system (EMS)

  • maintenance and operation 


inclusion of power-system equipment in a container following testing of all the components and systems before shipment, thereby minimizing on-site risks in the following applications :

  • oil pipes

  • chemical plants

  • minefields

  • green power plants

  • rapid charging stations


MASE Power provides specialised application knowledge in the selection and control of large power devices.

Our scope includes electric motors, variable speed drives and soft starts for use in a variety of industries for; air movement, compressors, fluid and material handling equipment. 

Variable Speed Drives  
Soft Starts  

We have worked with Teco and INVT from the very start and they are a key strategic partner for both retro-fit and project business. 


High‑efficiency motors can enhance the equipment's efficiency by 2-8%. Constant speed motors can be applied in the food industry, conveyor belts, and papermaking.


Our products comply to international standards, such as IEC, CNS, GB, and NEMA.